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Hello! I'm a thirty-year-old illustrator, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. After an 8 year long Art break and a life changing disease, I decided to turn my life upside down, take back the pencils and become a professional artist... there is no age to become what we're meant to be!


I'm deeply fond of everything related to the Old Wild West Era, the History of Northern America, and the Victorian Era. I intend to always put a Victorian, vintage and art-nouveau touch in my artworks. I only draw women because I enjoy it more.

I mainly do digital drawings with Photoshop using a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro digital tablet. My approach to digital drawing is quite simple: I draw on my tablet as if it was a piece of paper. I do not use short cuts and do not make any photomontage, everything is hand drawn from start to end. Sometimes I also like to draw in the traditionnal way on cardboard paper with charcoals and pencils.


I definitely enjoy drawing in a realistic style while trying to keep a cartoon aspect to my drawings and avoid photo-realism. I like to pay particular attention to face features and deliberately accentuate this part of the drawing. In general, I like to use Pastel and faded colors with very little contrast.

I'm constantly looking for new projects to work on so feel free to contact me if you'd like to work with me!

I am currently working, among other things, on the creation of an illustrated Art-book featuring texts and illustrations about famous Women of the Wild West era.

If you have any more question regarding my work, please contact me via my contact form available on the home-page.

Juliette A.

Quelques photos de ce que je vous propose :

Trolls et légendes 2024
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Stand Juliette Amadis Illustrations
Stand Juliette Amadis Illustrations
Stand Juliette Amadis Illustrations
Stand Juliette Amadis Illustrations
Stand Juliette Amadis Illustrations
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