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Les commandes sont ouvertes ! 
Merci de bien lire toutes les informations : 

2 kind of orders:
1. Character design order for private use
2. Full illustration order for private or commercial use

1 . character design order

You can now commission me any character design of your choice! 

You will find my prices below, although these are subject to slight changes after completion of your personalized quote. 

Please note, I don't make portraits based off a real person from a photo, I only do "fictional" character design. Ideal if you want to bring to life a character from a novel, role-playing game, etc. 


- Personal use only, any use for commercial purposes is prohibited (if you want to use it for commercial purposes, please send me an email)
- Digital drawing only, format at your request
- Mandatory mention of my name if you share the drawing on the internet

- Completion time: minimum one week after first payment, maximum 2 weeks.


- The prices indicated include ONE character ONLY with a maximum of 2 "big" accessories (ex: a fan, a hat, a sword, a bag, a weapon, etc.) as well as a background color.
It is possible to add: accessories, an animal, a background decor (ornament style or silhouetted elements).

I won't accept orders for characters that are too fantasy (eg orc, troll, monster...) simply because that's not my style.

  To place your order, you can contact me directly by email at or contact me via the quote request form below.


> Download the image above here for better visibility of rates and options.

2 . Full Artwork Order

If you are a publishing house, a company or an individual, you can commission me and/or work in collaboration with me for a complete illustration with a precise theme.

I'll make a customed quote after discussing your project in detail.

For people wishing to make commercial use of the illustration, a priced transfer of rights will have to be signed.


Illustrations in digital format only (no traditional), with paper printing possible.

> Ideal for a book cover, an illustrated book, merchandising, ornaments, for your communication, to decorate your commercial premises, bar, restaurant or for decorative elements like labels, t-shirt designs, etc...

Important: any request for unpaid collaboration will not be processed .


> To obtain my fares, please write me at juliette.amadis@gmailcom, or contact me using the quote request form below.

Quote or fares request

Thank you, I will answer you as soon as possible!

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